LS1 Fileserver:
Optional attached (encrypted disk) storage. Backup of local network resources. Remote backup (rsync pull) or upload (rsync push).

LS1 Database:
Class-leading relational data storage (PostgreSQL) with state-of-the-art geospatial object capability (PostGIS). Translation facilities for loading and dumping many geospatial formats (GDAL).

LS2 Gateway:
Automatically update most dynamic DNS providers. Automatically manage SSL/TLS certificates. Remote access to local network data resources.

LS2 Webserver:
This external website, and reverse proxy for application server (Apache). Websites running LIVE Services are organised into linked (cooperating) domains.

LS2 Application Server:
Java application container (Tomcat). Publication and sharing of geospatial data (GeoServer).

LS2 Database Client:
Local and remote database access for users and admin (OmniDB).