MapInfo Tools

These are two-tier (client/server) applications that can only be run locally. Clients must also have a valid licence to run MapInfo.

BRERC Query Tool

This MapBasic add-in enables client PCs to build and run queries that access the PostgreSQL database directly. It comes with a bundle of sample SQL scripts. Please ask whether more up-to-date scripts are available.

It requires the ODBC driver and MAPINFO-POSTGRES data source described here.

For a normal installation save to desktop, extract and save the MBX and CHM files in your Program Files/MapInfo/Professional/Tools folder. The SQL scripts can go wherever you want, for example My Documents. Important Note: Check in Properties that the new CHM file isn't security blocked by Windows.

In MapInfo the application is invoked from the Tools menu. You can load it with the Run MapBasic Program option and configure it to load automatically at start-up with the Tool Manager option. Once loaded there is a launch icon on the DBMS Toolbar. BRERC Query Tool remembers its context throughout a MapInfo session.

For tips on scripting go here.

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BRERC Mapping Tool

This MapBasic add-in provides an alternative to Create Points and direct mapping from the PostgreSQL database. It is a stand-alone application in that it does not require database or internet connectivity.

Please read the Help file that comes with it. Both of these add-ins include a Windows Compiled Help Module intended to provide all relevant information. This particular Help file includes installation guidelines, so just double-click it after download and extraction. If you see the message 'Navigation to the webpage was cancelled' you need to Unblock the file in Properties (right click).

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