Remote Backup and Upload

Data and applications can be replicated at BRERC's satellite office(s). Data generated locally is uploaded. The following descriptions are for a satellite office at Yatton, which is now closed.

Synology fileservers at BRERC's main office and satellite each have folders for 'Main Office' and 'Yatton'. The folders are synchronised automatically by a LIVE Services database server using rsync software. Historical snapshots can be generated.
Known issue: unwanted snapshots have to be removed manually.

Remote Backup

After startup the database server updates a mirror of the 'Main Office' folder on the satellite fileserver. This enables it to provide exactly the same services as the database server at the main office. For example, two-tier (client/server) applications may now be run.
Known issue: some files cannot be synced because they have been created with no permissions.

Remote Upload

Before shutdown the database server updates a mirror of the 'Yatton' folder on the main office fileserver. This affords main office early visibility of the data entered.


Starting with the 2020/21 release several options have been added to help with lockdown!

LS1 now offers an integrated fileserver capability. Data is encrypted automatically using a Linux kernel feature, which is very effective and efficient. This saves having a separate Synology fileserver at each satellite.

It may be more convenient to leave the (LS1) server running 24/7. In this case the upload and backup jobs are run automatically overnight (currently at 2200 and 0400 respectively, but customisable).